A six-session coaching and training programme for marketing professionals and business owners, up-skilling to advanced levels in digital marketing.

An example of how effective coaching support can be, in generating leads and new business, is given below. We started working with the Business Development Manager at the following business in January 2016, coinciding with the launch of their new website. The graph is sourced from SEM Rush, an independent monitoring site. This Google search visitor data is in the public domain and shows traffic trebled over a 12 months’ period.

Digital marketing success


During the coaching program, you will receive advice and guidance on all aspects of digital marketing, including website improvement, SEO, Pay Per Click strategies and Social Media.

Collaborating with you and your team on a regular basis will challenge the existing approach, create new ideas and tactics, and transfer new knowledge and experience that can be used in the future.

  • Knowledge and experience will be transferred to key personnel
  • Systems will be put in place to facilitate and sustain targeted marketing communication.
  • Actions taken during the project will continue to yield benefits after the project completes.

Last year we worked closely on digital and offline marketing with the Business Development/Marketing Managers at a number of multi-million-pound turnover businesses.

“I am pleased to report that we finish the year with many financial records broken in terms of business achievements. The transformation achieved in Q3 & Q4 has been remarkable and humbling. A direct result of putting into practice all that you have taught us.”

Sean Free – Director at Something Different Limited


Six face-to-face sessions at your premises. Each meeting is three hours in duration. Additional time is included to complete any work arising from these discussions. Session topics are tailored to your requirements. Examples of tailored programmes delivered for clients in 2017 follow:

EXAMPLE ONE: Retailer of consumer goods (£2m+ turnover)

Understanding Analytics – Google and social media
A comprehensive overview of the Google analytics software and how to monitor key metrics. Social media analytics will be looked at also.

Google Shopping and Merchant Centre – enabling AdWords
How to list your products on Google Shopping and set up pay per click campaigns for Shopping items. Performance management.

Automating digital marketing
A session focused on fully automating your digital marketing communication and auto-response opportunities. Getting the most from MailChimp and social media software.

Remarketing strategies on AdWords and Social Media
Remarketing tactics and audience selection to convert more browsers to customers, with a focus on the DISPLAY network (not Google search), using banner opportunities.

Increasing sales with usability
Testing usability using the ‘Jakob Nielsen’ approach. We will train your marketing team in key aspects of usability, using your website as the test material.

Systematic selling – saving time
How to set up and manage digital marketing to deliver a low cost/high volume sales process. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty_qBBqjIjs for example.

EXAMPLE TWO: Training company (£2m+ turnover)

Review the current approach to local relationship marketing (high value referrers), identifying three people to receive a higher level of interaction in the next three months (deciding communication, pitch and what material/incentive may be needed)

Review current digital marketing software and set-up used, with a view to enabling a more localised, automated and consistent broadcast to the area (email, social, Google).

Database marketing – cleansing your 15,000 emails using test communication, creating a series of email communications to identify high value assets (people in the list who can recommend).

Pay per click strategies on social media and localised AdWords – what will work, what won’t work. Hands on set up and editing of software and campaigns.

Assertive selling – implementing systems and resource to seek out the enquiry rather than wait, including live chat, working with telemarketing, automated emails dependent on prospect action (viewing content).

Transferring the model to other branches – writing out and agreeing the step-by-step implementation and set up for each local area.

EXAMPLE THREE: A Hotel and Restaurant (£1m+ turnover)

Improving Sales Conversion – content and experience, examining user flow (analytics), adding functionality e.g. Live Chat., planning campaigns.

Search Engine Ranking SEO – agreeing an achievable keyword strategy, optimising pages and Local Search (Google maps).

Remarketing – setting up the website to record visitors onto lists (anonymous) that can be used to target people on Facebook and AdWords.

Automating the Social Media Experience – training in how to use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance. Agreeing a social media strategy (collaboration, hashtags, content).

Improving Email Marketing – training in how to turn reactive emailing (email and hope) into a proactive marketing process (email and target), including analytics and automation.

Pay Per Click Opportunities – Setting up Facebook and Google AdWords advertisements. These templates can then be replicated as and when needed in the future.

“It has been great having you work with us this year – the customer satisfaction speaks for itself.”

Chris Redding – Operations and Mobilisation Director at Serco PLC

“Both our Business Development Managers have drawn plenty of positives. I’m happy! Thanks again. We will stay in touch. I really don’t think it will be too long before we are faced with the next Marketing knowledge challenge.”

Nick Bennett – Director at Academy of Music and Sound Ltd.

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