Crowdfunding Campaign Launched: Television Pilot

‘A Life in Business’ will be a short film which follows the struggles and successes of the people who run and work for small businesses, sharing both their champagne moments and 3 am nightmares. The film will be set against the beautiful landscape of the south-west of England.

“We have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to produce a television pilot featuring myself and my business partner Jonathan Sharp. 18 months ago, Business Think was approached by James Garrett, former Head of Regional Programmes for ITV in the West of England. James had seen my video blogs and he was interested in creating business television that would be the opposite of shows like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. The pilot film is needed to submit a professional pitch to the main television channels. Our Crowdfunder ‘rewards’ include an opportunity to ‘star in the film’  (x3), limited edition hard back copies of our business books and other opportunities to make smaller donations. Any support is greatly appreciated.”

Elliot Forte (Director at Business Think)


Running small businesses in the south-west, like other remote parts of the UK, is harder than it is in more urban areas. Mobile phone reception is patchy, the internet is slow and companies are at a greater distance from their suppliers and customers, which increases costs. Linking the stories of the businesses will be a pair of business advisers, Elliot Forte and Jonathan Sharp, who run their own private sector business advice service in south-west England.

We will be working on the project with James Garrett of Clearview Productions. An award-winning journalist and factual programme producer, he has been executive producer of output for BBC1 (Panorama), the ITV network, BBC4, Discovery, Sky & UKTV.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLj4bxLCE7fm13T6RiecWPOy4coAGG4N4r&layout=gallery[/embedyt]