Game Change Book (PDF)


The Game Change book will boost levels of enterprise in managers, Directors, business owners and employees. The Game Change material focuses on the critical but often neglected areas of entrepreneurship – dealing with business stress, identifying and targetting critical action, remaining strategic under pressure, company direction and collaboration.


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“This book has more practical, useful wisdom in it than any other business book I can think of. It’s insightful, to the point and full of truths that I had half acknowledged in my own business but never really addressed properly.”

“I used the Game Change to keep my focus on the right things, understand who does what and really get to grips with the principles of setting up our business successfully. I found Elliot and Jonathan’s guidance on how to think as an entrepreneur (rather than an employee) invaluable.”

“As the owner of a micro-business I often find business books to be too complex and designed for much bigger operations. This book is perfect for micro and small business owners as it sticks to the real world and avoids the endless jargon and pointless models of so many other business books.”

“It’s rare to find a book that recognises the concept that business is as much about the human pressures and emotions as it is about the mechanics of processes. Game Change surfaces the challenges faced by business people across the country every day – and offers practical techniques and approaches to address them and succeed.”

“A brilliant book! It is well written, easy to follow, very insightful and practical! This is great for someone like me, who has recently started a small business for the first time with no previous entrepreneurial experience. I am lucky to have discovered this book at such an early stage.”

“If you are starting out in business then you had better read this book. It covers the fundamentals that will keep you on target and sane.”

Even when you are a long way down the road and running the ’empire’ you have created, there are still many things in this book that can help you sleep at night. These guys know business and this book is a ‘must read’ for all.