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"When Business Think came to us, we were lost in the unknown world of internet marketing. Elliot was able to get across complex areas in a very simple way. Each session everyone learned something new and was able to go away to apply it and very often build on it.

The best thing was that Elliot was constantly challenging us, but in a nice way when asking difficult questions. These are the questions that helped us to focus and move together in a more structured way.

Training was spread out in short sharp sessions which helped keep attention span and gave opportunity to implement and practice in between. We were keen to establish measurements to monitor business improvement and Business Think helped us build these in. These have proved very useful in showing us what works and what doesn’t.

Elliot has a unique way of quickly getting inside your business almost without you knowing. He does it in a non-confrontational way which always delivers results. We highly recommend him and have the utmost confidence he can have a significant impact on any business, whatever sector it is in."

Jane and John Nagle at Hornsbury Mill Hotel www.hornsburymill.co.uk

Hotel Marketing
Our work with Hornsbury Mill Hotel
The project brief was to deliver a digital marketing training programme for the Marketing team at Hornsbury Mill Hotel. These sessions were delivered over six half-day training workshops.

The training was consultative, setting up live marketing campaigns together to demonstrate the skills needed. The benefit of this type of approach is tangible marketing improvements are made while the knowledge is being passed on.

Hotels are effectively three businesses in one, with accommodation, restaurant and events combined. The marketing sessions focused on how to increase brand awareness and demand in three core segments of the customer base, all with differing needs and motivations. The markets targeted were tourism, local residents and newly engaged couples in the Somerset area.

Each session was dedicated to a separate digital marketing discipline – search engine optimisation to improve ranking, using content to improve sales conversion online, paid marketing campaigns on Google Ads to increase bookings, email promotion to engage past customers, social media tactics, and managing performance using analytics.

The training was delivered face-to-face at the hotel. Actions were agreed at the end of each meeting to make improvements. On completion of the project, the team had developed the skills needed to perform and manage digital marketing internally, without the need for external consultancy.

I enjoyed working with John, Jane and Chloe at the hotel, as they have worked together for a long time and are such a close team. Visiting the beautiful grounds and hotel was always an added pleasure.

Thank you Hornsbury Mill Hotel for asking Business Think to complete this project.
Hotel digital marketing
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