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        We are one of the few digital agencies in the South West with experience and expertise in Shopify projects and website conversions, including WordPress and Magento.

        Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform that offers significant benefits to any online retailer. Shopify is the preferred software of global brands such as Kew Gardens, Team Sky, Nescafe, the World Wildlife Federation, Lady Gaga and Red Bull.

        Shopify website builder

        WooCommerce 2 Shopify

        “From the initial spec. to delivering our finished website, Business Think demonstrated unbelievable patience, showing an ability to make the impossible possible and to deliver exactly what we wanted. With good humour and a willing smile, Elliot made the build process much more enjoyable than it may otherwise have been. Our new website is already performing beyond expectations, with improved search and functionality.”

        Faye Clifton – GreenandBlue.co.uk

        Magento 2 Shopify

        “Business Think was great to work and got to the heart of what our company was about. Elliot was able to find solutions to the more tricky aspects of the build such as moving the blog over and SEO. He didn’t use too much jargon, took the time to explain things, remained calm when things got complicated and kept the whole project on track. I’ve recommended him to several businesses and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend again.”

        Poppy Treffry – PoppyTreffry.co.uk

        ZenCart 2 Shopify

        "We have been working with Elliot for a number of years, starting shortly after he established Business Think and following one of many UK Trade and Investment reorganisations. He has been instrumental in helping us build our various web sites including a successful migration from an old ZenCart web shop to Shopify."

        Debby Appleby - SCLWater.co.uk

        Bespoke Coded 2 Shopify

        “We have been wanting to update our website for 5 years but, as our product range had become so vast, it just felt too overwhelming. On the first phone call I knew that Elliot was the one to do the project, he knew just what we were looking for and made me feel that everything was possible. We couldn’t be happier. The new site has been live for just five days and already we are seeing an improvement.”

        Fay Page – FayPage.co.uk


        Why Make the Move to Shopify?

        Speed of development: By far the fastest method to build an e-commerce website.

        Ease of use for the customer: Shopify is the simplest content management system on the market. With a simple one-off training session you are able to add products, set up discounts, create campaigns and manage orders.

        Sales Conversion: Themes are designed to sell product, rather than inform.

        Strong security and SSL: Shopify is responsible for the security of a half a million websites.

        Scalability for the future: Extremely active community of developers who constantly create new add-ons. Users include global brands such as Budweiser and Penguin Books.

        Social media sales: Shopify is a Facebook partner and products can be automatically listed on your business page, at the press of a button. No coding required.

        Shopify is the most accessible and fun to use. We believe that is an extremely important consideration, as all business owners should have control of their online business, enjoy using their solution and not be dependent on a third party to make changes.

        Award winning Shopify developer