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With over ten years of experience building Shopify e-commerce websites, we offer a cost-effective and low-risk way to move onto the best-performing selling platform.

Whether you need a new build or are frustrated with your current e-commerce website, the advantages of choosing Shopify far outweigh the other alternatives in the marketplace.

Below is a list of FAQs and recent Shopify case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify

What are the advantages of choosing Shopify for customers?

  • Better sales conversion - Shopify was designed solely for e-commerce, unlike other website platforms. The user experience cannot be beaten in this respect. Customers will enjoy using your website more and move through the checkout process quickly and easily.
  • Increased peace of mind - Shopify is self-hosted and they are responsible for the security of the site. The Padlock (SSL) is included in the package and no third party risks are present.
  • Less frustration - Shopify approves and regulates any themes and plug-ins added to the site. This is a significant difference to providers such as WordPress, where anyone can create and sell apps. As a result, it is extremely rare for sites to experience errors, downtime or issues with the user experience.
  • Mobile experience - Shopify has invested heavily in perfecting the e-commerce experience for customers, and mobile-usability has been built into every approved design used on Shopify.
  • Visibility - Shopify automatically integrates your products and services onto social media platforms, with the click of a button, so customers can find your products more easily.

What are the advantages of choosing Shopify for my business?

  • Ease of use - Shopify is simple to use, easy to understand and you don't need technical knowledge.
  • No reliance on others and expensive support fees - with less than an hour of training you be able to update your site, and won't have to pay expensive hourly rates for a developer to make updates.
  • Free customer support - Shopify provides the highest levels of support without delays. There are no tickets or technical jargon; the ability to go onto a live chat immediately is always available.
  • Continuity - Shopify is not open code for developers like WordPress and other software. This is important for both security and access, as they are solely responsible for keeping the site online, up-to-date, and available for customers. It is very rare for Shopify to have an issue, and when they do they fix it fast.
  • Promotion - as you are able to easily update any aspect of the website without delay, it is quicker to upload new content, enabling you to run timely promotions and engage customers.
  • Ranking - as Shopify contains so much functionality in its core software, there is less need for third party plug-ins. This reduced scripting and error risk has a positive impact on Google ranking.
  • Social media sales - Shopify is owned by Meta, and listing products on social media is extremely simple as a result. At the click of a button on Shopify, your products will be listed on Facebook Shop, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. You will also be able to add links to Instagram posts.
  • Future proof - Shopify is here to stay. It is the preferred software of global brands such as Nescafe, the World Wildlife Federation, Lady Gaga, Budweiser, Penguin Books, and Red Bull.
  • Less stress - as the software is so user-friendly and simple to use, any frustrations you may have using other website platforms will simply disappear.

I have an existing website, how difficult will it be to change over to Shopify?

We are a Shopify Partner and have extensive experience in successfully migrating businesses onto the Shopify platform. Sites converted included WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Wix, Squarespace, ZenCart, and even bespoke coded solutions. During this step-by-step process, we review the user experience with you, making improvements as we go.

How much does it cost to build a Shopify e-commerce store?

Prices are dependent on the number of products you want to sell and the amount of content you have, such as pages and blogs. We have built stores with as few as 12 products, up to shops with 8,000+ items. The scale dictates how much time will be involved which is how web agencies calculate their fees.

As a guide, prices start at £1,500 for a Shopify solution (excluding VAT). Booking a free Zoom consultation is the best way to get an accurate quote.

How much does it cost to run a Shopify e-commerce website?

Shopify has three main levels of package in terms of ongoing fees. In our experience, their BASIC subscription has always been suitable, which costs £25 per month. If you do not require additional apps (most don't), that is the total cost each month (less if you pay a year in advance).

This amount is comparable to hosting other website providers. However, Shopify provide their own payment system so you can immediately take card payments, with no additional setup or monthly fees.

Shopify Case Studies

Victoria Sewart Jewellery

We’ve gained a contemporary e-commerce website, that not only looks fantastic but functions as expected, simple and user friendly, giving us complete control in updating it and running it, taking away hidden, high costs associated with many other E-commerce sites. So easy and patient to work with and extreme value for money.

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Amanda Creation (USA)

I would recommend making the switch to Shopify with Business Think. Elliot is extremely trustworthy. He is knowledgeable and he makes certain that every detail is accounted for so there are no big surprises. People can be confident that Business Think will make sure everything is thought through and their new website will be well worth it!

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Mollins Antis Interiors

Working with Business Think has been the catalyst I needed to move my business to the next level in terms of growth. Elliot is a master at his craft and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was always friendly, patient, professional, and a joy to work with. I have received incredibly positive feedback and increased sales as a result, which is brilliant.

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Helen Round

I’m really glad that we found Business Think and chose them to build our Shopify website; having the new platform and their measured advice and experience on hand has certainly helped our online business to grow. We now have a website which is easy for us to edit, looks great and ranks better than it ever has before.

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Sue Read Artist

I would definitely recommend Business Think. Elliot was kind, considerate, and patient and nothing was too much trouble with your key aim making sure I was happy with the result. With Shopify, I now have a professional presence online that reflects who I am and what I do. I also have an online shop which has resulted in more business and orders.

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More Case Studies

If you would like to view more case studies and examples of our work using Shopify, please click the button below. We have supported over 3,000 businesses with digital marketing and website improvement. As such, we are always able to provide further testimonials and endorsement from our past customer list in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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