Success Stories

  • Junk Mail Art

    Junk Mail Art

    Your experience and knowledge with what I needed to achieve regarding my website were key to working with you. You have a calm and reassuring approach to tackling the work involved and explain things clearly to someone that has limited tech experience! Your work has completely transformed my website. Previously, I was dealing with a slow and labour-intensive WordPress site; now, I have a fast and ultra user-friendly Shopify site.
  • The Tap Specialist

    The Tap Specialist

    Elliot is smart, and a joy to work with, offers a unique perspective on marketing, and tailors his offering so it's bespoke to your needs. Not only do you benefit from his extensive experience, but he demonstrates that he never stops learning and evolving, which offers clients a continuous opportunity to develop and grow! He has always been very patient and willing to be a soundboard for a range of sporadic marketing and digital questions and helped us answer and tackle a fair few conundrums every week!
  • Boil and Broth

    Boil and Broth

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elliot and plan to continue working with him in a different marketing capacity. He is very knowledgeable and best of all he is a real top guy to work with. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Shopify website, or marketing support. Very attentive to all the crucial elements of website migration, particularly the SEO aspect. Business Think ensured that our website ranking wasn’t affected by this at all.
  • Datumline Surveys

    Datumline Surveys

    Your down-to-earth approach, breaking things down to what is needed to make us happy is what we valued most. I would definitely recommend working with Business Think. Elliot has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a refreshing approach to business, focusing on the reasons why we get out of bed in the mornings, rather than 'build build build' because it's the done thing.

  • Every Woman Physio

    Every Woman Physio

    Business Think Digital has built a fully functioning e-commerce website that hosts the newly created course in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. I feel that the website looks great and has all of the functions I was hoping for. While working with Elliot, I have always felt supported, which has been reassuring, especially during the stressful times that come with starting a new business venture.
  • Sue Read Artist

    Sue Read Artist

    I would definitely recommend Business Think. Elliot was kind, considerate, and patient and nothing was too much trouble with your key aim making sure I was happy with the result and that it would achieve our initial objectives. With Shopify, I now have a professional presence online that reflects who I am and what I do. I also have an online shop which has resulted in more business and orders.
  • Ecological Surveys

    Ecological Surveys

    I’ve known Elliot for a few years and find him easy to work with and responsive, even at short notice. To be fair, Elliot has had to chase and manage me to get things finished, as I never seem to have the time. I value this, as without this proactive follow-up, the sites would not have been completed or moved to their server, as they were. I used to create my own websites, but not only has work grown to such an extent that I no longer have time to create or update, but Business Think's designs actually look more professional and are altogether better than what I produced.
  • Amanda Creation (USA)

    Amanda Creation (USA)

    I would recommend making the switch to Shopify with Business Think. Elliot is extremely trustworthy. He is knowledgeable and he makes certain that every detail is accounted for so there are no big surprises. I felt confident that the website switchover was going to go smoothly before we did it and it was perfect when we did finally launch it. People can be confident that Business Think will make sure everything is thought through and their new website will be well worth it!
  • Mollins Antis Interiors

    Mollins Antis Interiors

    Working with Business Think has been the catalyst I needed to move my business to the next level in terms of growth. Elliot is a master at his craft and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was always friendly, patient, professional, and a joy to work with. Working with Business Think was incredibly helpful and rewarding. I would highly recommend and I am incredibly pleased with my updated website and online business presence. I have received incredibly positive feedback and increased sales as a result, which is just brilliant.
  • Matchbox Film Co.

    Matchbox Film Co.

    Business Think knows which Google traps to not fall in to, which means you are not paying unnecessarily for poor value clicks to your website. Elliot will work with you to ensure you’re getting more bang for your buck. We now not only have two great-looking WordPress websites (that we get great comments about), but we have also had a new unranked domain now rank competitively on page one for several key search terms we are targeting with search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Skiing holidays marketing

    Ski First Tracks

    It was so beneficial having someone to rely on that knows what he’s talking about, with an in-depth understanding of the Google advertising platform and a constant stream of new ideas. Business Think Digital helped us maximise the benefits of using the Google Ads platform within our budget and 100% of our bookings are direct, avoiding expensive commission fees from agents and holiday websites.

  • Design Nation Member


    Elliot is professional and extremely knowledgeable, but also approachable and flexible. Nothing is too much trouble. He has helped to demystify SEO and LinkedIn for the groups of designer-makers that I work with, allowing them to make significant progress with their marketing activities. Elliot has a good understanding of the creative brain and recognised the barriers that our groups would encounter, suggesting solutions and approaches that could help them.
  • Jewellery Website Design

    Victoria Sewart Jewellery

    Vicky's initial concerns were around the scale of the migration, with 600 plus products and hundreds of blogs to be migrated. A few months previously, we had successfully completed a WordPress to Shopify migration for another customer, in the USA, with over 7000 products. After demonstrating the method used, Vicky felt confident to proceed with the project.
  • Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks

    Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks

    "I cannot tell you how Elliot’s professionalism has put me on track, breathing life into all my work and providing me with a practical and accessible strategy. All this, together with a brand newly built website, I no longer feel like ‘the one left behind’. This has had such a positive impact on my life, far beyond financial. I would thoroughly recommend Business Think to anyone in business, at whatever stage."
  • Porsham Cakes

    Porsham Cakes

    "Our conversations and work have covered all aspects of website design, social media marketing, business ideas and diversification possibilities. Elliot is a great listener, an effective sounding board and will always make valuable suggestions. Unlike anything technical, for me, this is a professional relationship that barely needs any maintenance – definitely a keeper!!"
  • Glam Slam Entertainments

    Glam Slam Entertainments

    "I feel Business Think is not only a company that provides me a great service but are also a part of my company and have played a huge part in the growth of Glam Slam Entertainments over the years. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work and caring attitude towards my company over the years. Glam Slam Entertainments wouldn’t be what it is today without Business Think."
  • Bad Wolf Horizon

    Bad Wolf Horizon

    "Adverts can be difficult to set up and a lot of the time it can seem like you are shoveling money directly into Mark Zuckerberg’s pockets, with no return on investment. With Business Think at the wheel, you are in safe hands and I highly recommend their services."
  • Foundations of Buddhist Thought

    Foundations of Buddhist Thought

    "We would particularly recommend Business Think if you’re doing anything with education. We now have a top-class online course that is getting effusive feedback from our students. People are finding us online through searches, and they are signing up just on the basis of visiting our site. We feel it’s a great result."