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        Business Think has build hundred of WordPress websites for businesses, both brochure designs and e-commerce solutions. We are experts in WordPress, being selected as the contractor to deliver the WordPress Masterclass for the Superfast Government scheme.

        WordPress agency

        As well as building new websites, we specialise in conversions for those looking to upgrade their business to WordPress, moving away from more basic platforms such as Wix, GoDaddy and Squarespace.

        We use expert knowledge of search engine optimisation to maintain and improve ranking.

        Why Choose WordPress?

        • Stronger sales messages by presenting content more clearly.
        • Easy updating, as simple as using Microsoft Word.
        • Better Search Engine Optimisation.
        • Mobile ready content.
        • Wider marketing. Linking to email, social media and Google.
        • Control and independence - make changes without asking a web designer.

        WordPress is the most popular web design platform in the World, used by global brands such as Harley Davidson. New functionality is constantly being introduced and can be easily added. A full training session is completed with the customer after their website is completed to ensure they are able to independently manage the website. 

        Prices start from £1000+VAT for WordPress solutions.

        View WordPress Case Studies

        Want to speak about moving to WordPress or enhancing your current site?

        Contact us or email info@businessthink.co.uk