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Whether you need a new build or are frustrated with your current design, the latest version of WordPress and a new theme can create the best user experience for a customer (for sites requiring e-commerce and online payments, please click here).

Business Think can improve your customers' satisfaction and experience, being an expert in WordPress. Business Think was as selected as the contractor to write and deliver the WordPress Masterclass for the Superfast Government scheme.

Below is a list of FAQs and recent WordPress case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress

What are the advantages of choosing WordPress for my business?

  • Ease of use - WordPress used to be complex to use for people with no technical knowledge. The latest versions of WordPress use visual editors, similar to using software such as Word, which means editing is now simple to use and easy to understand.
  • No reliance on others and expensive support fees - with less than an hour of training and the latest version of WordPress, you will be able to update the site yourself, and won't have to pay expensive hourly rates for a developer to make changes.
  • Promotion - as you are able to easily update any aspect of the website without delay, it is quicker to upload new content, enabling you to run timely promotions and engage customers.
  • SEO Ranking - WordPress is the home of the plug-in Yoast SEO, the most popular Google ranking tool in the World. Simple to use, this check-list approach makes WordPress the easiest platform to optimise.
  • Design and functionality choice - WordPress is open source code, meaning anyone can create themes and plug-ins. These should be selected carefully, but this plug and play technology means complex coding needs of the past can now be completed cheaply, and often free of charge.
  • Less stress - as the visual editor is so simple to use, any frustrations you may have using other website platforms or older versions of WordPress will simply disappear.

I have an existing website, how difficult will it be to change over to WordPress?

We have extensive experience in successfully migrating businesses onto the WordPress platform. Sites converted include Magento, Wix, Squarespace, ZenCart, and even bespoke coded solutions. During this step-by-step process, we review the user experience with you, making improvements as we go.

I already have a WordPress website, is it worth upgrading?

If you have the latest version of WordPress, your website is performing well in terms of sales, and you are happy with the level of service you receive, then we would recommend staying where you are.

If your WordPress site is outdated, traffic is declining, or you pay regular fees to have the site updated, then it is time to upgrade and take back control. Reskinning a website can be completed relatively quickly and as much of the content is already in WordPress format, the costs can be relatively low.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

Prices are dependent on the amount of content that must be created/migrated, and the degree of marketing input required. We have built websites with as few as 6 pages, up to sites with with 1000+ URLs. The scale dictates how much time will be involved which is how web agencies calculate their fees.

As a guide, prices start at £1,500 for a WordPress solution (excluding VAT). Booking a free Zoom consultation is the best way to get an accurate quote.

How much does it cost to run a WordPress website?

WordPress hosting is likely to be the only fee incurred per annum. These fees vary significantly in price, depending on the supplier. The variations exist due to the performance level of the server and the level of customer service included. Hidden fees should be checked for, such as the inclusion of an SSL certificate (security padlock), which is essential to prevent hacking.

As a guide, the WordPress Hosting package provided by Business Think Digital is £20 per month (excl. VAT). For more details on what is included in this package, please click here.

WordPress Case Studies

Glam Slam Entertainments (London)

I feel Business Think is not only a company that provides great service but is also a part of my company and has played a huge part in the growth of Glam Slam Entertainments over the years. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work and caring attitude. Glam Slam Entertainments wouldn’t be what it is today without Business Think.

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Matchbox Film Co

Elliot will work with you to ensure you’re getting more bang for your buck. We now not only have two great-looking WordPress websites (that we get great comments about), but we have also had a new unranked domain now rank competitively on page one for several key search terms we are targeting with search engine optimisation (SEO).

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Foundations of Buddhist Thought

Elliot knew what questions to ask us. We would recommend Business Think if you’re doing anything with education. We now have a top-class online course that is getting effusive feedback from our students. People are finding us online through searches, and they are signing up just on the basis of visiting our site. We feel it’s a great result.

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Jewellery Repairs Online

Business Think Digital has completely transformed my website from an old-fashioned and inaccessible one into a state-of-the-art and modern one with Google Analytics. During the lockdown, he advised me to put more money into Google Ads which doubled my income and has had a lasting effect on returning customers since.

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Datumline Surveys

Your down-to-earth approach is what we valued most. I would definitely recommend working with Business Think. Elliot has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a refreshing approach to business, focusing on the reasons why we get out of bed in the mornings, rather than 'build build build' because it's the done thing.

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More Case Studies

If you would like to view more case studies and examples of our work using WordPress, please click the button below. We have supported over 3,000 businesses with digital marketing and website improvement. As such, we are always able to provide further testimonials and endorsement from our past customer list in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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