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        Business Think provides Internet Service Provider services including WordPress hosting, email provision and SSL security.

        We have managed hosting for our website customers for over twenty years, using the same supplier.

        The benefits of moving your website hosting to the Business Think server are as follows:

        • A faster website, as the server is dedicated to fewer customers.
        • Better search engine ranking as your website speed increases.
        • Expert and rapid technical support (we are your single point of contact).
        • The ability to pick up the telephone and speak to us (rather than submit tickets).
        WordPress hosting

        Our standard WordPress hosting package is £235+VAT per annum. We do not charge any fees to migrate your existing website over to the Business Think server.

        Once the site is hosted at Business Think, we will ensure the site remains secure by carrying out regular plugin/theme upgrades. These essential updates are nearly always security related and failure to update WordPress software increases the chance of being hacked.

        We will also keep you informed of any new developments and software that can enhanced the performance of your WordPress website.

        If you would like to discuss moving your website to Business Think, please email info@businessthink.co.uk to arrange a no obligation consultation. 

        Please note: standard rate applies to any website (including email) using up to 5 Gigabytes of memory.  Extra charges may apply if your site exceeds this memory use. In our experience, less than 5 percent of website customers have needed to pay a higher rate.