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Started in the year 2000, and rebranded Business Think in 2011, the organisation has advised over three thousand customers 1-2-1 on strategy and growth, while delivering training to thousands more across the UK and beyond.

Founder Elliot Forte started the business with a vision to create a digital agency with business advice and sales knowledge at its heart, rather than just technical and/or design capability.

Life Led Business (Book)

In 2016 Elliot Forte and Dr Jonathan Sharp collaborated to write the book Game Change, based on experiences and material created for the EU Open Innovation project. The second edition of this book was titled Life Led Business, published 2018, which is available on Amazon (paperback), Audible and Kindle.

The book explains how to create a happy future in business, covering the strategies needed, and the process/steps required to achieve continuous improvement.

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Covid Business Recovery (Contract)

In 2021, when the final lockdown in the UK was lifted after the pandemic, Business Think won a Government funded contract, managed by Plymouth City Council, to deliver rapid business support to organisations in need. A total of 120 businesses received tailored advice on how to use digital and traditional methods to boost sales and grow as the economy recovered.

“I managed a contract with Business Think dealing with high growth businesses. The feedback received from those businesses was always first class. I have no hesitation in recommending.” Colin Bettison, Plymouth City Council

EU Transition (Contract)

In 2020, when the UK left the European Union, Business Think won a Government funded competitive bid to deliver rapid business support to organisations with a reliance on export.

A total of 100 businesses, needs were diagnosed, advice given, and information collected on their future plans for international trade. A significant majority had decided to cancel their export provision due to uncertainty and cost, and much of the advice centred on growth strategies to replace this lost income.

University of Plymouth (Contract)

In 2016, Business Think was contracted to write and create learning material for the professional practice degree being launched by University of Plymouth. The Modules included strategy, finance, change, marketing, and digital marketing.

Director Elliot Forte was also invited to teach the learning material once launched, helping hundreds of students with their studies. He continues to teach the marketing/digital modules at degree and Masters level. As part of this, Elliot achieved the PGCAP teaching qualification

EU Open Innovation (Contract)

In 2014, Business Think won the competitive tender to deliver an open innovation programme in the South West, working with University of Plymouth, Somerset County Council, and other partners including Devon County Council.

The international project was an EU-funded scheme to increase the adoption of ‘Open Innovation’ principles. We wrote and delivered a three-day process to over 50+ high-growth potential businesses. Independent survey evidenced that on completion the attendees' ability to innovate had doubled.

Watch Attendee Feedback on the Game Change Programme

Intervention (Book)

In 2011 Elliot Forte authored the book Intervention: The Battle for Better Business, a response to the closure of the Business Link network, a service used each year by 20% of businesses.

This publication included an interview by Elliot with the former Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Heseltine.

Reviewed in an international research journal by an Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University as "an innovation in the field of policy itself".

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Why is Business Think different from other suppliers?


With over 30 years of working in business support and information, we have worked in most sectors and have real growth examples to share. While we have certifications and qualifications, the breadth of in-the-field application is second to none, having actively implemented marketing and sales campaigns in thousands of scenarios. With such a bank of success, we can supply as many references as needed.


We are fortunate that our customers have always been willing to go on the record. We have a bank of hundreds of case studies and testimonials built up over many years. Please click here if you would like to view marketing success stories and hear exactly what our customers say about us.


Elliot Forte was one of the youngest advisers in the UK to be awarded a Technology Means Business accreditation. Since then he has achieved a Certificate in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors, not just technical and design-based learning. Elliot is an Associate teacher of Masters and Degree studies at University of Plymouth and has an expert and extensive knowledge of business theory. This unique combination of business experience and theory application means the campaigns put forward are based not only on good ideas, but sound innovative business knowledge.

You matter more (a personal touch)

As a smaller independent business, on average we work with two hundred customers each year. This means that your success is more important to us and we can really get to know you and your business. You won't be just another number that gets treated as one of many.

Value for money

The business has negligible overheads as our work is completed remotely using Zoom and telephone. As such, we do not add travel time and fuel costs to your bill. When you agree a proposal, you can be confident that the investment is 100% invested in digital marketing and website growth.

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