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"Having the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with Business Think to solely concentrate on our own business needs and objectives, has been invaluable to ourselves and the business as a whole. Elliot is forward thinking, personable, professional, supportive, an inspirational trainer and a great motivator. He takes the time to get inside our business, understand our strengths, weaknesses, time constraints and patiently adapts his training/coaching to suit our pace and capabilities, whilst expanding our CPD.

Over the years that we have worked with Elliot, he has given us the confidence to manage our own Mailchimp campaign and YouTube marketing, deal with GDPR, achieve a better understanding of SEO and our competitors. He has raised our online presence through remarketing and led our new Adwords campaign, both of which have shown an increase in business and positive results despite a volatile and uncertain market with stiff competition.

We would recommend Elliot to anyone who is looking to drive forward with the help of somebody who genuinely takes a firm interest in their business and the team within it. Besides the obvious benefits to our business, Elliot has become an extension to our small team and we look forward to working with him for many years to come."

Karen Pearson at House Party Solutions

Our work with House Party Solutions

The first project with House Party Solutions focused on improving the existing Google Ads campaign and understanding Analytics. As an online business, this detailed analysis of user data and behaviour highlighted areas for improvement in all aspects of digital marketing. Shortly afterwards Kit joined Karen as a business partner to focus on marketing the properties in the House Party Solutions portfolio. The brief for those early sessions was to pass on digital marketing knowledge and experience, so that the business could independently run their own promotional campaigns.

The resulting training programme concentrated on improving online marketing performance, while simultaneously passing on the skills need to successfully promote the business. A full usability audit of the current website was completed to identify common visitor behaviour using Analytics. The user experience was simplified, and the sales content reordered and upgraded to create a stronger sales message. Training sessions in search engine optimisation were completed, implementing hands on changes to the ranking set up, while passing on these SEO skills. Google Ads training focused on improving pay per click performance, understanding how to make regular adjustments and maximise sales. Email marketing was improved by building a master template, which was sent to registered subscribers. YouTube training demonstrated how to create and optimise video posts for ranking.

The full suite of online marketing tactics was covered in the training package to ensure Kit had the skills to take control of the campaign management.

I enjoy working with the team at House Party Solutions as they are always 100% invested in ensuring their customers get a great experience. Plus, Kit is now an extremely capable digital marketing professional, independently running all the House Party Solutions campaigns. That level of marketing autonomy was a key goal for the project and is a very satisfying outcome from my perspective.

Thank you Karen and Kit at House Party Solutions for asking Business Think to complete this work.

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