One Hundred Testimonials

“Since you changed our website the phone hasn’t stopped ringing! We have little doubt that as we become more visible to overseas customers so our export business will continue to grow. Our targeted websites will open up new markets in the UK. We enjoy working with Business Think – they have helped make growing the business fun.”
Debby Appleby at SCL

“I just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new APICS website. You were a great help in focusing in on our core requirements so that the site actually does what we wanted. Not being very computer savvy I personally found this a great help. We look forward to a long and happy association with Business Think and yourself particularly. Many thanks for making the transition as painless as it was.”
Ryan Metters at APICS

“Professional and knowledgeable service. I felt I was able to get the vision for my website across whilst being given informative suggestions, specific for my users, that would enhance the look and usability of my site. I would recommend and have already booked my place on the training days.”
Naomi Black at East Thorne Yurts

“Their attention to detail and the approach was fantastic. We couldn’t fault it. We would definitely recommend their services, they will be able to take anyone through the process to obtain what it needs to grow your business.”
Bradley Furse at J&P Healthcare

“We are delighted with our new web site.”
Victoria Wigan at James T.A. Osborne

“I have a friend who saw a business adviser from another company, but he was unfortunately not very good at all. I am really grateful to have had the advantage of your skills.”
Joanne Evans at Figgy’s Christmas Puddings

“Actually, it’s been cathartic! Thank you for giving me the kick I needed. Still feeling overwhelmed at how relevant and useful it was! Make it longer!”
Tess Armitage

“It all looks perfect. We are so pleased with the changes to the website.”
Helen Lucas at St Mellion Storage

“Dead useful.”
Mags Davies at the Eddystone Trust

“I have managed a contract with Business Think dealing with high growth businesses. The feedback received from those businesses was always first class. I have no hesitation in recommending.”
Colin Bettison at Plymouth City Council

“Thanks for everything yesterday. So much extremely useful and new information – and I thought I knew something about digital marketing!”
Michael Gadd

“The course content was invigorating and thought provoking.”
Chris Lee at Chris Lee Art

“We now have a fantastic, modern website. We have no hesitation in recommending Business Think, their inspirational approach to working is infectious as well as challenging and thought provoking; they get us, they understand us and our business. This is invaluable.”
Kim Craze at 2detail Ltd

“You have given us great advice over the years. Only an idiot would ignore it! You give great advice that can be easily transferable into actions. That’s why you will always have a place at our company.”
Shaun Free at Something Different

“Thank you very much for all your help – we are enthused and ready to go with the changes to our Adwords account!”
Karen Pearson at House Party Solutions

“Thank you for all of the work on our website, imagination, painstaking care of every inch and moment. A dream come true for me.”
Nancy Kline at Time to Think

“Very knowledgeable and expert trainer with a lovely manner. Showed a genuine interest and desire for individual businesses in the room to fully benefit from the workshop.”
Melissa McCarthy at Action Coach

“Re-invigorated priorities and focus. Thank you for this excellent support. We are already making use of it.”
Jane Nagle. Hornsbury Mill

“Re-invigorated priorities and focus.”
Amanda Bowen at Madewell

“Excellent. A lot was learnt. Overall a great seminar.”
Grace Delamar at Burke Richards Ltd

“I got a lot out of the seminar, thank you. I’m actually looking at mailchimp right now!”
Tanya Lynam at Jonathan Lynne Jewellery

“Well presented, fun and engaging. Thanks for the the great course. Learnt a lot!”
Rosemary Pell at Argos Fire Protection.

“Thank you for a very informative afternoon; direct, to the point and relevant – Brilliant! Got some work to do now!”
Jackie Payne at Huxtable Farm B and B

“That’s brilliant! I really appreciate you sorting that mess out.”
Sara Dawes at Sitting Pretty

“I hadn’t imagined there could be so much we could learn in one day. I’m certain that what I’ve learnt will give us the power to propel our website and our business to out-perform all of our previous expectations.”
Penny Bond at Hush Farms

“Fantastic. You have really kicked me into gear and it was exciting to get some one-to-one time with you.”
Peter Graham at The George Inn

“Thank you. We have drawn plenty of positives from this and I don’t think it will be too long before we are in touch with the next Marketing knowledge challenge.”
Nick Bennett at Academy of Music

“A real eye-opener in terms of the affordable potential of digital marketing – so much of interest to cover that I’d rather have had four days than four hours.”
John Magill at Powderkeg Brewery Ltd

“I found Business Think’s help really useful. I really did learn loads – not just the web stuff, you helped me straighten out my strategy .”
Karen Thomas at Karen Thomas Arts

“Informative as ever. Thanks for your input and advice. I look forward to working with you again.”
Mark Fogg at South West Caravan Services

“I don’t believe the help can be bettered. The most useful and knowledgeable course I’ve ever been on.”
Deana Schneidau

“I have had many favourable comments about the new web site that you did for me. Thank you so much.”
Ruth Maile at East Hook Holiday Cottages

“Helped me personally to understand I need to be enterprising every day.”
Harry Singh at EPE International

“Business Think always wants my company to do well and constantly check in with me, which shows me they genuinely want to make sure they have done a great job. This new thing you’ve done for me is really working btw, enquiries are starting to roll in from nowhere!!”
Theresa Tilley at Glam Slam

“The course was more than beneficial; I think it has really made a difference to my outlook on the business this year. Loved the course – very inspiring and I’m feeling re-energised. I absolutely loved the course, really inspiring and thought provoking.”
Rachel Larcombe at Dalaco

“Really got a lot out of your Google Adwords post, very useful which is hard to do with so much information out there.”
Benjamin Didier at Exeter Accountants

“I felt that our session was really helpful and made me see my business from a new perspective.”
Peter Melhuish

“It was brilliant. We feel you really understand what we’re about and where we’re trying to get to!”
Jocelyn Droppa

“Thank you, I have definitely had a very beneficial 2 days. It is quite exciting”
Joy Merron

“Your clear plan and guidance with the various e-marketing/social media methods is really valuable. You have given me a real confidence boost to attack the local market.”
Sally Byron Johnson at Byron Johnson

“Thank you for yesterday, we all sat in the office after you left looking a bit blown away – as we always do!”
Ginny Banks at Virginias Vintage Hire

“Uncanny way of cutting to chase, identifying those things that really matter.”
Paul Howarth at Akumen Ltd

“I can’t thank you enough. You can spend so much time on courses and it is all very generalised. Everything I have done previously has not exactly been a revelation, but you have got to the crux of the matter, clarified things, and suggested how to move forward successfully.”
Kathie Gregory at Animal Behaviourist

“Website all looks great. Thank you, you’re a star!”
Amy Rogers at Feelgood

“One of the few web master/consultants that we have come across that actually knows what they are talking about.”
Donna Anston-Race at Craft Fusion

“We have just received our first order from a new customer, which is a direct result of your mail shot. You are the only people we know that truly test us.”
Tony Russell at Quality Component Engineering

“We love the new website. It’s amazing. Business Think is fantastic. Really knowledgable and professional.”
Razale Scott Oliver at PH Oliver

“Brain is fried. It was a fantastic 2 days.”
Belinda Brownlee

“I feel galvanised into action now I have a clearer direction and goals to aim for.”
Hayley Trezise at Raggedy Clothing

“Thanks again for your really helpful chat with us last week.”
Jo Smith at Stowford

“Your support will make a genuine measurable contribution to our business over the next couple of years.”
Dominic Hilton at La Residence

“Thank you for all your expertise and help with marketing the website.”
David Dane at DF Dane Oil Paintings

“Business Think takes a straight forward and intelligent approach to strategic decisions. They help you understand the implications of decisions and helps provide a clear direction.”
Ben Donovan at Leisure Shop Direct Ltd

“Erudite advice. Worth every penny. You are an amazing business sounding board!”
Jules Derrick at Outsidethebox Makeup

“Your help was invaluable.”
Jacob Branden at Artizen

“WordPress training covered absolutely everything and more. Great tutor. Can’t wait to get started on website and blog.”
Sue Kemp at Country Ways

“Thanks for all your technical expertise. I’m sure we’ll be working with you again in the future.”
Richard Phillips at Soap Kitchen

“Thank you also for giving such an enjoyable seminar. It was great opportunity to benefit from your considerable experience and knowledge. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in digital marketing and social media for their business.”
Sophie Price at The DR Company

“Thank you very much for a fantastic session.”
Shane Evenden at Chartered Developments

“I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Business Think.”
Alan Stokes at Horizon Hypnotherapy

“Thank you very much for all your valuable work on my website.”
Barri Hitchin at Total Vision

“Thank you so much for explaining so clearly how I can improve my website. You were really helpful.”
Andrea Coleman at Artfelt

“Thank you for the day. It was fascinating and I learned a lot of good stuff and also i learned how much I don’t know. It was a very worthwhile day.”
Martin Godfrey at WoodRat Ltd

“Very motivational!”
Andrea Peacock

“Thanks so much for all your help yesterday. It certainly gave me an insight into what we can achieve with the right help. I am feeling very positive about the future.”
Penny Connorton at Farmable

“Thanks for the support, you’re a star!”
Elizabeth Sparkes at Glassification

“Thanks for meeting me. Very interesting and very helpful.”
Russell Jones at Fusion of Power Ltd

“It was great having some really practical help as well as the strategic stuff, all really helpful and useable.”
Nigel Jones at Devonshire Magazine

“So much more inspiring than the courses where it all seems to be about selling your own business to each other.”
Alfred Van Pelt at SomDiff

“Thanks so much for the analysis. That will be a great help in challenging the approach. I would be happy to make a referral/recommendation about you.”
Ruth Saunders at Dittiscombe Holiday Cottages

“Great. Fantastic course – worth every minute spent here!”
Jonathan Springall at Devon Strings

“Business Think has been very helpful and understanding of my needs. They have been quick, efficient and friendly. I can recommend Business Think to anyone who wants to take a leap into the digital world.”
Carlo Melchior at Melchior Chocolates

“Thank you so much. Adwords mystified me!”
Jo Budden at Higher Hacknell

“Thank you so much for today. It’s really opened my eyes to see what can be achieved through just by having and knowing the tools to do the job.”
Julie Scott at A4 Electronics

“Very impressed with the content. Thought provoking and challenging.”
Rosemarie Finnamore

“Gave us the confidence we were taking steps in the right direction. Invaluable.”
Gillian Gray at Gray Naval Architecture

“We thoroughly enjoyed the day with you and your training was exceptionally helpful.”
Celia Hawe at SD Weight Loss Retreats

“It was great speaking to you and thank you for explaining everything in such a way so I could understand it all.”
Juliet at John Arbon Textiles

“Thank you for the great presentation last week. Really great advice that will definitely come in use.”
Matt Griffiths at Pelydryn

“Elliot and Business Think are the first business consultants we have ever worked with to get the value of the arts and the social impact.”
Carol Carey at Somerset Art Works

“Thank you for your time. Incredibly helpful.”
Tanya Luke at Porsham Cakes

“If you are looking for a knowledgeable, confident, tenacious, innovative, experienced and professional Business Adviser, look no further.”
Madeline Bridgeman

“Intricately knowledgeable about their subject, it has certainly helped my business to expand enormously. With their internet marketing knowledge Business Think has enabled us to get to the number one position in google search results nationally for several of our chosen keywords. There are many I.T. ‘experts’ out there that talk the talk, but I can say with conviction that Business Think walks the walk, and do it with style.”
Paul Harris at Blue Horizon Medicals

“Thanks for the website design which looks very good.”
Ian Bell at Lower Buttercombe Cottages

“Your input was invaluable to our business.”
Tim Craze at Face Edge Ltd

“The session was most informative for both Matt and I. We’re working hard on all of the ideas you gave us and you’ve inspired Matt so much that he is already well into building the new responsive web site!”
Katy at Rope Locker

“Business Think looked at our website and social media, and gave us very specific, practical advice about how we are using that to communicate to our target market.”
Samantha Curkovic at Te Cake

“It’s a great visual tool, I love it. Thank you. Concise and to the point. You were brilliant!”
Bini Ludlow at Sweet Cumin

“Very informative, clear, professional. 10/10.”
Alyson Murray at Hot Smoked

“Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable discussion. Very helpful indeed.”
Catherine at Browston Gallery

“Excellent. The best integrated view of the spread of digital marketing topics that I have ever come across.”
Fabian King at Figurehead3D

“Gave us the confidence we were taking steps in the right direction. Invaluable. You were the catalyst in making us think more deeply, thank you for what you have done.”
Stephen Cooke at Alco Engineering

“We thoroughly enjoyed those 3 days and have been buzzing (even more so than usual) since then. #bringiton.”
Andrea Heim at O2i Design

“Many thanks to Business Think for the excellent bespoke training session delivered recently for our German subsidiary. The training assisted both with identifying potential new customers and the strategy to approach them in a productive way.”
Peter Jady at Moor Instruments Ltd

Olivia Cooper at Agri-Hub

“Website has been nice and busy. Thanks for your help.”
Jim Lancaster at Lancaster and Gibbings

“Thank you for your time last week. I found the session invaluable and spent a good 10 hours over the weekend tweaking the new design to reflect the changes you thought were important.”
Rachel Edmonds at Newtons Furniture

“I’ve just had 90 mins with Business Think and I am absolutely buzzing about the future opportunities for Plum. It was very intense, honest and fast-paced but I am filled with renewed enthusiasm. Look out everyone, I’m on a mission!”
Karen Morledge at Plum HR

“My cottage has been shortlisted by Visit Devon Tourism Awards for a prize in November, one of the criteria they looked at was website and social media activity. I think that the new website you built has made this happen!! Thanks for everything.”
Claire McBride at Putsborough Manor Cottages

“Our grant application has gone through and has been accepted. Thank you for all your help.”
Leanne at Your Choice Ltd

… and many more. Available on request.

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