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Since getting to know Elliot over a few years I’ve come to really trust him. I know he will do what’s best for my company and guide me in the right direction. I also know he will do a good job, do it in a timely fashion, and for a fair price. Elliot is one of the few people I’ve worked with that I can say all of those things about.

Switching to Shopify has been great. It’s so much easier to use than WooCommerce. Every bit of e-commerce has been improved by making the switch. Email marketing is better, social media and Google ads are going better, sales are on the rise and many places I sell to are able to be integrated seamlessly with Shopify, which is not the case with WooCommerce and WordPress.

I would recommend making the switch to Shopify with Business Think. Elliot is extremely trustworthy. He is knowledgeable and he makes certain that every detail is accounted for so there are no big surprises. I felt confident that the website switchover was going to go smoothly before we did it and it was perfect when we did finally launch it. People can be confident that Business Think will make sure everything is thought through and their new website will be well worth it!

Amanda Wittenborn at Amanda Creation -


Delivering a new Shopify e-commerce website for a customer in the USA

The project involved migrating a sizeable WordPress and WooCommerce website over to the Shopify platform and a new design. The original website was difficult to update, prone to errors, and expensive to maintain. Amanda felt she needed more control over the marketing of the business online.

I had worked with Amanda previously, chairing masterclass meetings for a group of successful Amazon entrepreneurs based in the USA and UK. We had also worked previously on business strategy.

The main challenge in this project was the scale of the data to be migrated, and the technical issues with the build of the original WordPress website. The project required the migration of over 50,000 images, 8000 plus products, and almost 1000 blog posts, all of which had to be converted to Shopify format. During this process, edits were made to protect and improve the marketing performance, in both search ranking and other aspects. The new shop was connected to email marketing, advertising, and business administration platforms, to ensure no unexpected issues arose on launch. 

As a creative, the design and user experience (UX) were very important to Amanda, and alterations were made to ensure her products were presented simply and effectively to her customers.

In addition to the sales and marketing benefits, the added autonomy and control that Shopify provides was a real bonus for Amanda. Her business has not always had positive experiences with digital and website consultants. As a result, I was very aware that she commissioned the project on trust, particularly as she is based in America and all of the work was completed on Zoom via the United Kingdom (5 to 10% of Business Think's turnover is for international customers each year). Regular meetings were held online to report on progress and when issues did arise with the build (inevitable on any project), transparency and timely reporting kept her informed. She now has complete control over her online presence, her brand, her shop, and her marketing process, meaning she can communicate at will with her customers without delay, cost, and frustration.

It was a pleasure to complete this Shopify and marketing project for Amanda Creation.


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