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"We at Cornwall Pools found ourselves falling behind the competition regarding our digital footprint. However working with Business Think made it possible to bring our company into the digital market place very easily whilst maintaining the highest standards.

We initially had several goals that we wanted to achieve but had no idea how to go about it. This is where working with Elliot really made the difference, he worked very closely with the team and tailored a bespoke plan that helped us achieve our aims with ease.

From a personal point of view, it’s the ongoing support Elliot gives us here. No matter how trivial the question he is always at the end of the phone.

All in all Business Think offer a professional, stress free and bespoke service but do not forget that the personal touch makes the difference. We would all happily recommend Elliot and his services to anyone. He has some very happy customers here."

Nigel Brawn at Cornwall Pools

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Our work with Cornwall Pools

Cornwall Pools is a family business and the leading pools company in the region. I first met the owners after a recommendation from another customer, Kim at 2detail.

Our early meetings focused on strategies to market the pools service, servicing existing customers and winning new business. As a result, a new WordPress brochure website was created, so that the strengths of the business could be showcased more effectively. Cornwall Pools also decided to switch their hosting to the Business Think server, away from their existing provider. A speed test had shown that download speeds would be improved by 30% on our Internet Service Provider.

Cornwall Pools exhibit at the Royal Cornwall Show each year. Our next project together focused on a promoting attendance at their stand. When you are unable to access an event attendee list (it isn’t shared with exhibitors), a social media campaign must be created that delivers large amounts of content over a short time frame, posting on multiple platforms in the run up to the event. This increases the probability that the person arriving at the exhibition knows the Cornwall Pools stand exists, they know where it is, and they understand that they have been personally invited to visit.

About 12 months later, the family made contact to explain Cornwall Pools would be expanding and relocating to their new premises in St Dennis. The business had been located in the same location for many years and there was a desire to rapidly inform the local population and existing customers.

Local digital marketing tactics were employed to broadcast the message, including planned social media activity and paid localised Google Ads. When local ad campaigns are set up correctly, it is possible to communicate with a large number of residents in a small area, rapidly raising brand awareness. Typically, £1 spend can deliver an advertisement or announcement over one thousand times. The two-week run up to the launch event was supported using this targeted marketing, announcing the opening day to thousands of people in a ten miles radius of the new showroom.

Recently we have completed a new project together, creating a website selling pool and spa accessories online. A Shopify solution was built to ensure easy to complete transactions for their existing customer base, while improving opportunities for ranking.

Thank you Cornwall Pools for asking Business Think to complete these projects.

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