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Over the years we have been working with Business Think, we most value Elliot’s honest and considered advice which we know we can trust. He says it ‘as it is’ in a way we can understand and work with. As a fairly demanding customer, with many different priorities and six websites, Elliot is always responsive, project focused and meets the deadlines.

As a small business we do not have the skills and expertise to effectively manage the websites and marketing strategy alone. Together we have built and rebuilt numerous websites, always confident in being guided by his professional expertise. The way SEO, Google Ads and Analytics regularly change is a challenge for small businesses and it’s easy to get left behind. Business Think ensures our e-marketing is focused at achieving the best results with a fairly limited budget so we can relax and get on with customer service and selling products.

Elliot makes technical jargon easy to understand. He is friendly and approachable with a good sense of humour (and some fantastic shirts!). Cost effective and highly knowledgeable, Elliot is a pleasure to work with and we see him as one of our team.

Elizabeth Dowen at Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

Our work with Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

I first met the business to look at their existing website. The business had been experiencing ongoing technical issues with WordPress sites, resulting in downtime. Unpicking another person’s website-build can be challenging, as a single line of code in thousands can be the issue. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Professional testing software was used to identify and eliminate the errors.

These early meetings coincided with a shift in the marketplace for the business. Time was spent with the family discussing a change strategy, based on creating a successful launch of their new chemical-free, patented fabric for mattresses.

Two main projects resulted. The first focused on creating the tools to complete online campaigning in a political environment. The second project sought to create a web presence for the new product. A key change for the business was the recommended move away from WordPress completely, migrating the current portfolio onto Shopify. The decision required a lot of trust, as the existing e-commerce solution was already generating sales. However, in my view, this was the change needed to achieve the goals of the business. Our monthly marketing work includes SEO, Ads management and social media support.

Their message is important – the safety of the consumer. But the industry they work within is powerful and resistant to change. That is part of why I enjoy working with the family so much, they are a small business who is willing to take on the establishment, in the name of consumer health. It would be so much easier not do that, but they choose to make the difference. I get a lot of personal satisfaction by being a small part of their mission to make a change.

I enjoy working with Mark, Liz, Jess and Megan, as they are a family business that clearly care about each other and what they do. They are exactly as a family business should be, supporting each other and values led. I have worked with many families in business who are not so fortunate in that respect.

Thank you Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress for asking Business Think to complete these projects.

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