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"SCL Water is an SME specialising in the sale and installation of industrial, hygienic, dosing & water pumping systems. A large number of those sales are to our customers in Africa who purchase our Solar powered solutions. We have been working with Elliot for a number of years, starting shortly after he established Business Think and following one of many UK Trade and Investment reorganisations. He has been instrumental in helping us build our various web sites including a migration from an old web shop to Shopify.

As a small company, keeping up with legislation and the changes required from Google would have overwhelmed us. So, having Elliot there as both a sounding board and a specialist in both on and offline marketing principles has been invaluable. Indeed, it is worth noting that in addition to general principles he is also very good at implementing detailed changes. One of the projects he helped to bring to life is a testimonial on our Solar Pumps Africa website, which is an installation of a solar water pumping system in Ghana. The customer found us through our web site, the installation was successful and both Elliot and we are delighted. Long may our relationship continue."

Debby and Steve at SCL Water

Our work with SCL Water

I first met SCL Water after an introduction from UK Trade and Investment, to discuss their existing Google Ads campaign and export opportunities. The business was the first customer of the relaunched Business Think. Since that time, we have held over one hundred marketing sessions and counting.

Those early meetings were focused on strategy in a competitive marketplace, particularly export markets. When it comes to international reach, digital marketing tactics are cost effective and can achieve levels of promotion that were uneconomic for most businesses before the advent of the Internet. Search engine optimisation and Google ranking projects were needed to reach Africa, with a particular emphasis on mobile search in this destination.

A number of specialist websites were created using WordPress, although their e-commerce platform remained on ZenCart. These sites were created to communicate the strengths of the organisation – technical knowledge, service and the act of successful export itself. The opportunities for keyword ranking on Google were multiplied significantly by expanding the web presence of SCL Water.

Last year, the decision was taken to convert the ZenCart e-commerce solution over to the Shopify platform. This process was complicated by the outdated software, the number of products on sale at SCL Water, the need to retain/improve Google ranking, and the pricing method required in this industry. The rebuild was also an opportunity to review and update all the content on the website.

After ten years, I have gotten to know Debby and Steve (and their dogs!). They are the perfect team really, with one focused on sales growth and tactics, and the other always looking at the bigger picture. On any business level, what they have achieved in export is amazing. They have successfully exported products to over 50 countries from their base in North Devon, becoming the leading expert in solar pumps. This year the Government listed SCL Water as one of the UK’s export champions.

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