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We valued most the friendly yet professional work ethic, especially always getting back to us with answers to what may have been mundane questions.

We’ve gained a contemporary e-commerce website, that not only looks fantastic but functions as expected, simple and user friendly, giving us complete control in updating it and running it, taking away hidden, high costs associated with many other E-commerce sites.

I would recommend Business Think Digital because they are so easy and patient to work with and are extreme value for money. Building your own Shopify site is possible, but to get the site we have gained would have taken the best part of a year. I would always recommend a professional to build it for you if you have a big e-commerce website.

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Victoria Sewart
WordPress to Shopify Migration and New Design
This project was to migrate an existing and successful e-commerce website away from the WordPress Woo-commerce platform and onto Shopify.
Vicky's initial concerns were around the scale of the migration, with 600 plus products and hundreds of blogs to be migrated. A few months previously, we had successfully completed a WordPress to Shopify migration for another customer, in the USA, with over 7000 products. After demonstrating the method used, Vicky felt confident to proceed with the project.
One of the primary risks in this type of project is protecting and improving the marketing already in place. This includes search engine ranking achieved using WordPress pages, email marketing connections, advertisement tracking codes, and so on. It is critical that Google recognises that the new website is not a brand-new entity, but rather an evolution. This ensures any Google ranking power is transferred and not sacrificed by a lack of SEO knowledge. Steps were successfully taken to ensure all of these goals were achieved.

Woo-commerce had limitations that Vicky felt could hold the business back, not least of all the user interface for her staff. WordPress is harder to use compared to Shopify, in both design and e-commerce. The new Shopify solution enables her team to make rapid changes to design and e-commerce, improving the responsiveness of communication with customers, and providing the business with much more control over their own website and marketing. As a bonus, changes incur no hourly fees (often charged by designers) and associated delays in marketing.

A full training guide and session were provided for the team to follow and within hours of launching the new website they had taken control of the content and editing. Throughout the project, weekly Zoom sessions were instrumental in reporting progress and developing new marketing ideas.
Victoria Sewart
Victoria Sewart
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