Create a Marketing Strategy

£500.00 +VAT
£500.00 +VAT

The eight online learning sessions will help you map out a marketing plan of action for the business. You will understand exactly what you need to focus on to target the right customers, at the right time, in the right place.

The Eight Steps:

  1. Situational analysis to identify existing and new opportunities.
  2. Segmentation to prioritise the most profitable customers groups.
  3. Positioning your brand to beat rivals to the sales.
  4. Deciding the most effective marketing strategy.
  5. Creating a "marketing mix" to strengthen sales conversion.
  6. Examining touchpoints and the best methods to engage the audience. 
  7. Budget setting and using metrics to measure progress.
  8. Translating the marketing plan into practical actions and milestones.

At the end of the process you will have a written an innovative marketing plan, highlighting the changes you need to make to fulfil your business and personal goals.

PLEASE NOTE: Estimated time to invest in each module is 90 minutes.

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