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Some clients have an existing website and are simply looking for support with edits to content, security updates, someone they can call on if something stops working, and/or they receive a worrying email they don't understand.

This peace of mind and time saving can be achieved by subscribing to our ongoing support package, where a monthly retainer means we will be there if you need this type of help.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ongoing Support

How does the subscriber package work in practice?

Support on demand - each month we reserve an hour on your account.

Examples of monthly activity that can be included in this package:

  • Edits to page, post, and product content.
  • Timely software updates to ensure a website is not vulnerable to hacking.
  • Answers to questions about anything that concerns you, such as potential email scams.

You will also receive an exclusive invite each month to a group Zoom session for subscribers, where Elliot will talk about the latest developments and ideas in digital marketing.

What does the package not include?

Please note: this package does not include more complex activities such as:

  • New website development.
  • Business advice and coaching.
  • Digital marketing work.

If these needs arise, they will quoted for separately on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don't use the total time allowance?

We understand business can be unpredictable and expect your demands to vary from month to month. If notified in advance, any unused time will be rolled over to the following month, as we will be able to reallocate this time to another customer.

How much does this monthly support package cost?

Value for money - The subscription is £70 (excl. VAT) per month. This payment banks an hour of support for questions and simple updates such as image editing/compressing, and page changes.

What if I want to cancel the agreement?

This package is a monthly subscription. As such, you can choose to cancel your subscription online, with no notice needed to be given.

* Please note: Paid for hours will not be refunded. These can be used in the future at a time of your choice.

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