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As my business had grown I have become increasingly stretched in some of the areas that require long term planning as the day to day logistics consumed so much of my time. I had always been sceptical of enlisting outside support and stepping out of my comfort zone was not always easy for me and I guess there was also a tendency of thinking if something basically works, just stick with it.  As time went by, marketing became more of a mystery to me. I had spread marketing over both traditional and digital marketing platforms and had concluded that it required a more focused approach. Then, as if by magic, Business Think appeared. Having Elliot’s support really has taken away the need to try to understand the mysteries of digital marketing. He took the time to gain an understanding of the business and how I wanted to target both new and existing customers and there has been a marked improvement on return of investment. I am sure he will agree that there is still plenty yet to do and with the inclusion of Trident Plumbing Heating and Electrical, which I also have an interest in, there is always another project on the horizon. At the time of writing this we are still in the wake of lockdown so clearly a time to be cautious but also a time to take opportunities so without doubt an important time for any pro-active business to be looking to the future. A time when I really should produce those video clips that Elliot may have asked for once or twice! Keep on Rockin’ Elliot!

Simon Norris at A1 Appliances

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Our work with A1 Appliances

I first met Simon of A1 Appliances at one of the digital marketing workshops we delivered. That meeting was followed up by two short consultations about digital marketing. These strategy discussions soon evolved into hands-on support to help market his appliances and repairs service to the Cornwall region.

The first project involved successfully migrating his existing Google Ads campaign away from another agency. Simon had used this organisation for a number of years and had little control over the campaigns, as the account had been set up in the name of the agency and not his own business. As a result of this tie-in, access to analytics on performance were restricted and he could not easily switch supplier. Simon was understandably nervous that any move away did not risk reduced sales. The existing Ads set up was analysed (using the data available) and specialist ad tracking software was used to fill in the blanks. As a result, it was possible to replicate the A1 Appliances campaign on a new Google Ads account, enabling Simon to take back full control of the marketing. New advertisements were created and pay per click keywords migrated. This exercise identified that the previous provider had not updated the ads for a number of years, despite taking monthly management fees. The ads were improved before relaunch. The results of the changeover were an immediate increase in click through rates and a 50% reduction in pay per click costs. The business could now reach double the people for the same budget spend.

Since then, Business Think has redesigned the A1 Appliances website using WordPress and completed a search engine optimisation project, achieving page one ranking on Google for target keywords. Each month we work together on a new digital marketing opportunity.

This support has now extended to include Trident Plumbing in Falmouth, where Simon is a Director, introducing me to Director Luke Sleeman. We are currently working on a social media project.

I knew from the moment that I met Simon that we would get on. In the opening ten minutes, it was mentioned that he had watched one of my ‘Digital Stories’ videos on YouTube. These short videos always included a clip of in-car music. This particular day, No Feelings by the Sex Pistols had been playing. Simon explained that was why he called me; he figured I must be alright if I was a Pistols fan. I am pretty sure Google Ads was discussed quite a lot in that YouTube clip – he didn’t mention that!

Thank you Simon (and Luke) for asking Business Think to work with A1 Appliances and Trident.

Trident Falmouth

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