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"I loved working with Business Think. Elliot managed to make, what to me seemed a very complicated task, flow pretty effortlessly. I particularly liked how supportive and patient he was as we tried to work out just how to categorize 500 products!

I can’t recommend Elliot enough and the continued digital marketing work he continues to support us with is invaluable.

The new website has been a real success and I’m so pleased with how it has allowed our business to prosper throughout lockdown."

Fay Davis at Fay Page Jewellery https://www.faypage.co.uk/

Our work with Fay Page Jewellery

I was introduced to Fay by a customer, Poppy Treffry. I had recently built a Shopify e-commerce website for Poppy and Fay was looking to upgrade her website. This project was the epitome of online support, as I have never actually met Fay, who lives on the Isles of Scilly. Instead we spent many hours working together, doing everything by telephone and email.

The brief was to upgrade the Fay Page website to Shopify. This task was complicated by the age of Fay’s original website, which was a number of years old and built from outdated web coding. The challenge was to migrate hundreds of products with choice options and variable prices, into a new technology. In addition, the website had a large number of blog posts, all of which needed to be migrated onto the new Shopify platform. The need to protect and build on existing Google ranking was paramount, as replacing an existing website is always risky.

I really enjoyed this project because of the technical challenges. The database information from the old website was exported and found to be incompatible with the Shopify platform. As a result, the information needed to be assembled into a usable format, paying particular attention to retaining the integrity of the search engine optimisation set up. The updated data was then imported into the new site and tested. To give you an idea of the scale and complexity of this type of project, I just checked the Fay Page folder on my computer – it contains 38 sub-folders and 497 individual files.

Once the e-commerce elements had been tested successfully and online payments enabled, it was time to create a completely new website design for the business. I couldn’t really fail in that task, as the Fay Page jewellery is so beautiful that it speaks for itself.

The website was launched successfully in 2019 and since then we have continued to work on digital marketing every month. Working with Fay is so enjoyable, as she is always open to new ideas and positive. She regularly credits Business Think with a lot of the success since the website launched but, as her brand and products are so special, the Shopify platform was only ever going to increase sales.

Last Christmas, a large heavy package arrived at my doorstep. Inside the box were 48 cans of craft beer and a note saying, ‘thank you’, even though we had finished the website months before. I’ll never forget that, such a kind and generous thing to do. Obviously Christmas was great!

Thank you Fay for asking Business Think to work with you on this project. Next year, I am determined to visit the beautiful Isles of Scilly and will say thank you in person.


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