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As a creative drone business, specialising in aerial photography and film production, much of our work is used by our clients for marketing purposes. Although I have experimented with Facebook and LinkedIn ads in the past (without much success), I was beginning to think that it was a bit hypocritical that I sell a lot of marketing services, but I wasn’t doing any for my own business. This is where Business Think stepped in. From the start, Elliot completely understood the brief and we worked together to come up with a plan of action – a brand awareness campaign, remarketing, setting up Google, Facebook, and Linkedin Ads and optimising analytics. A relatively big project with a steep learning curve from my end. Elliot was attentive, highly knowledgeable, patient (with my relentless questions) and great to work with. We came out the other side with a solid and competitive marketing strategy, which is seeing amazing results!

Adverts can be difficult to set up and a lot of the time it can seem like you are shoveling money directly into Mark Zuckerberg’s pockets, with no return on investment. With Business Think at the wheel, you are in safe hands and I highly recommend their services.

Tom Wadsworth at Bad Wolf Horizon -


Our work with Bad Wolf Horizon

Bad Wolf Horizon is a multi-award winning business and their client list includes the National Trust, Visit Cornwall, Goonhilly Earth Station and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. They regularly work across Cornwall, the greater UK and abroad.

I was first approached by Tom about helping with marketing just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Most times, I would meet a customer face-to-face before embarking on a significant marketing project but, due to the circumstances, all of the communication on this project was remote – a mixture of telephone calls, emails and Zoom sessions. We touched base weekly and adapted the plan as opportunities arose. For example, in the original project brief agreed there is no mention of LinkedIn advertising, yet this turned out to be an important element of the marketing mix.

When Tom first asked to speak, I did some research (as you do!) and discovered he is the Western Morning News Young Business Person of the Year. He has also won Digital Rising Star in the Cornwall Live Edge Awards and been listed on Business Insider as ‘one of the 42 young entrepreneurs who should be on your radar’. If I am completely honest, I was a little nervous about speaking to him! But in our dealings he has never once mentioned any of that; rather he listens to recommendations, questions, and quickly decides on the best course of action. I expect that is precisely why he is all those things.

As a marketing orientated business, Tom knows precisely how to sell aerial and drone filming. The primary objective on this project was to enable targeted broadcasting, on a large scale, so those sales messages could reach a far larger audience. Ad campaigns were piloted, and templates set up, so that Tom has no need to ask for any additional help in the future. The technical barriers are removed and he is able to run his own digital marketing system, by feeding in new content and sales messages.

I feel lucky to have completed this project. Bad Wolf Horizon is working at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to drone film making. To be involved and associated, in a small way, with that work is exciting. Plus, marketing and sales are a lot easier when the product is jaw dropping!


Bad Wolf Horizon
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