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I have used Business Think since the day I started to move my business online. Elliot designed and built my very first website nearly 20 years ago, since then he has helped move my company Glam Slam Entertainments with the times to build new websites as well as updating them along the way. All my sites have not only looked great but have generated most of my turnover and bought customers to me that I would never have been able to reach out to otherwise. He has managed to keep my company within the 1st page of Google for most of my keywords as well as manage my Google Ads. Along the way I’ve also used him for my Mailchimp emails and other ways of generating new enquiries, which he has advised me on.

I have been very happy with their service over the 17 years which is why I have never left. I feel Business Think is not only a company that provides me a great service but are also a part of my company and have played a huge part in the growth of Glam Slam Entertainments over the years. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work and caring attitude towards my company over the years. Glam Slam Entertainments wouldn’t be what it is today without Business Think.

Theresa Tilley at Glam Slam Entertainments (London) -


Our work with Glam Slam Entertainments

Theresa was referred to our business by a friend in 2003. My own business was in its early stages back then and Glam Slam was one of our first customers, which is so important for any start-up.

WordPress hadn’t been invented and we built the whole site using Dreamweaver in HTML (for the technical ones out there!). One of the primary objectives was to achieve a positive ranking on Google search for the main entertainment target keyword phrases, which happened within weeks of launch.

From that simple brochure website, we have designed two further websites to keep up with the latest technology. We look after the Glam Slam pay per click campaigns and help with email marketing. Most recently we have helped their business promote their newly introduced Zoom acts, which provides online entertainment. This creative and innovative response to the Covid-19 situation is typical of Theresa.

There is definitely never a dull moment when working with an entertainment agency. When I first went to London to meet Theresa about the project, we looked through her portfolio of acts together. I remember taking these photos back to Norwich on the train, getting strange looks from passengers, as I looked through images of stilt walkers, fire-eaters, contortionists, tequila guys/girls and burlesque for hire.

Glam Slam Entertainments has been an active client for almost two decades and it has been a pleasure to be a small part of their success. Today, Theresa’s company supplies entertainment across the UK and regularly sends acts to international locations. The business has thousands of acts for hire on their books.

If I ever find my work a little mundane, I just email Theresa and ask her what her day in business is like… the entertainments sector never disappoints! Thank you for being a great customer. 


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