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I had hosted my business websites with another ISP for a number of years but found them unresponsive and difficult to get the right level of personal support. As a result, I asked Business Think to host all ten of my business websites on their WordPress server. 

During the move, each site was upgraded to improve performance and I was not asked to do anything during the migration process. 

I have known Elliot for a few years and find him easy to work with and responsive, even at short notice. To be fair, Elliot has had to chase and manage me to get things finished, as I never seem to have the time. I value this, as without this proactive follow-up, the sites would not have been completed or moved to the new server, as they were. I used to create my own websites, but not only has work grown to such an extent that I no longer have time to create or update, but Business Think's designs actually look more professional and are altogether better than what I produced.

A combination of all the above factors makes me confident to recommend Business Think. I will be asking Elliot to create the website for my next project too.

Paul Diamond at Ecological Surveys Ltd

High-performance WordPress Hosting on the Business Think server

This project involved the migration of ten websites onto the high-performance WordPress server managed by Business Think. Paul had multiple websites, most built with WordPress, but others built from HTML and the DIY software at his existing Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Before the migration, copies were taken of each website, and these were converted/upgraded to the most up-to-date WordPress versions. These changes increase the chance of a higher search engine ranking, a better user experience (leading to better sales conversion), and a content editor enabling simple and quick updates.

Prior to the migration, a comparison test was completed using an exact copy of one of the websites owned by Ecological Surveys. These tests illustrate the differences in performance by placing an exact unchanged copy on the Business Think server and comparing this with the existing speed and performance. Typically, the Business Think server improves the speed of delivery, and the user experience, by 20%, even when no changes are made. This improvement is due to the server having a higher technical specification with fewer businesses sharing the bandwidth.

The primary benefit of hosting at Business Think is peace of mind. Instead of being one of thousands, our server maintains and hosts hundreds of customers. That means you have a number to call, the response times are immediate, and there is someone proactively checking your business website. It also means you can ask someone an unrelated question on marketing or the web, and not have to use a ticket system which can lead to delays.

The time taken to migrate the sites was not charged as an extra and was included in the annual hosting fees. On average, compared to other hosts, the fees to host a WordPress website are 20% higher at Business Think. For that extra £40 per annum, the business receives peace of mind, and someone to call, someone who cares, if you have a problem. Plus, faster performance.

Moving ten websites in one project is unusual, and Paul was given timescales and a schedule, outlining when each website (and associated email accounts) had been successfully moved.

WordPress hosting is a service that isn't promoted heavily at Business Think, yet over two decades, hundreds of businesses have made the switch.


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