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Elliot is very knowledgeable and professional. His friendly and calm demeanour is very easy to work with. He always replies promptly to emails and ensures that he completes tasks by the deadlines required. While working with Elliot, I have always felt supported, which has been reassuring, especially during the stressful times that come with starting a new business venture.

Business Think Digital has built a fully functioning e-commerce website that hosts the newly created course in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. I feel that the website looks great and has all of the functions I was hoping for.

During the creation of the website, I had questions regarding the different platforms available to us for hosting course material. Elliot researched each platform that I was interested in so that I could then make a fully informed decision. Elliot was very open to any suggestions I was making, and I felt that at all times, he had the needs of my business at the forefront of all of the decisions.

I would certainly recommend Business Think Digital for a personal and professional service, where you can rest assured you will receive great support and a positive outcome.

Abby Cartwright at Every Woman Physio - everywomanphysio.co.uk


Creating a new Shopify e-learning website

This project involved creating an e-commerce-enabled website that could deliver online training material. Shopify was selected as the preferred platform for simplicity and the advantages this can provide a business in the early stages. Using this platform removes the need to set up online payment facilities using third parties and other such challenges.

In the early stages, we discussed the different options in terms of the delivery of online learning itself, whether to use an established conscription-based learning provider that hosts the training material for a fee or to create a learning experience within Shopify itself and remove the need for additional costs and the disjoint of sending learners to a completely different domain/website.

Abby preferred the single-site solution, and we used a paywall-type application on Shopify, which only showed the learning sessions if you were a paying subscriber. This locked down the content for paying users only while keeping the shopping and learning experience on the Every Woman Physio domain. It also delivered cost savings as monthly fees to learning sites were no longer needed.

Throughout working together, we discussed marketing approaches and how best to present the learning material, and input was provided throughout on the optimal experience for the trainees. My experience creating and delivering online learning material for University degree programmes was essential during this process.

I am grateful to Abby for allowing me to help create this new business with her, as initially, I know she was unsure how good a fit it would be when you consider the potential sensitivity of the learning material itself. The quality of her teaching and learning material is second to none.


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