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Your experience and knowledge with what I needed to achieve regarding my website were key to working with you. You have a calm and reassuring approach to tackling the work involved and explain things clearly to someone that has limited tech experience!

Your work has completely transformed my website. Previously, I was dealing with a slow and labour-intensive WordPress site; now, I have a fast and ultra user-friendly Shopify site.

I would recommend you for a straightforward approach to things, your wealth of knowledge and getting exactly what I needed done quickly and efficiently.

Cathy Harrison at Junk Mail Art - junkmailart.co.uk


Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify

Cathy had an Etsy shop and a website built using WordPress and WooCommerce. Since its creation, the site had run painfully slowly, making it challenging to complete administrative tasks such as adding new products, processing orders, and creating new marketing content. To address this speed issue and time wasted, Cathy had installed booster and caching plugins that promised to enhance the user experience. However, this approach added more code and scripts to the web pages. While it might have marginally improved user speed, it had a potential negative impact on Google rankings and other marketing areas due to the additional code. Essentially, it was akin to applying a heavy plaster to an already sluggish problem. It also had minimal impact on administrative time, which remained arduous.

It was recommended that the simplest and quickest solution was to create a new Shopify website, migrating her hundreds of artworks to the new platform. This approach eliminated all the coding issues inherent in the old WordPress build, transferring only assets such as images, text, and pricing. As a result, the new website is exceptionally fast, not only for users but also in the administration area.

The project migration followed a step-by-step process to ensure search engine rankings were not at risk and that integrations with other marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, were maintained. During this process, Cathy had the opportunity to review the user experience, and changes were made to ensure her marketing strategy was reflected in the new website.

Cathy also had hundreds of Etsy reviews for her artwork and prints, which were not included on the old WordPress site. These reviews were exported, and A.I. was used to correlate these comments with products on the new site. Consequently, the Junk Mail Art website now features hundreds of five-star reviews, helping to promote her business.

This project took four weeks to complete, with weekly Zoom sessions held to report progress and obtain Cathy's input. The website is now super fast in the administration area, saving her hours of time each month, and the new design promotes her work more effectively.

Thank you, Junk Mail Art, for allowing us to complete this project.


If you would like to discuss moving from WordPress (WooCommerce) to Shopify, please email info@businessthinkdigital.co.uk to arrange a no-obligation call/Zoom. We look forward to hearing from you.
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