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Very attentive to all the crucial elements of website migration, particularly the SEO aspect. Business Think ensured that our website ranking wasn’t affected by this at all. I also found having regular calls was really beneficial. Elliot wanted to make sure that I was consulted on every part of the website build.

Aside from his extensive experience, I love Elliot's enthusiasm, positive attitude, and especially his unique approach to tackling any marketing brief! He breaks down complex problems into bite-size strategic exercises and thinks very outside the box (giving a competitive edge). His insights and experience are constantly evolving so that he's across on all the latest digital marketing innovations yet, he will be brutally honest if upgrading a practice/software/methodology for the sake of it isn't worth the time or isn't cost-effective.

Upskilling was a key benefit, learning an extensive range of new tools and practices to enhance LinkedIn's organic strategy (around Content & Commercial lead gen). We'll also be working on paid tactics shortly. We're optimising new Klaviyo post-purchase and empty basket flow strategy. He has always been very patient and willing to be a soundboard for a range of sporadic marketing and digital questions and helped us answer and tackle a fair few conundrums every week!

Yes, I would recommend Business Think! Elliot is smart, and a joy to work with, offers a unique perspective on marketing, and tailors his offering so it's bespoke to your needs. Not only do you benefit from his extensive experience, but he demonstrates that he never stops learning and evolving, which offers clients a continuous opportunity to develop and grow!

Hannah Freeman The Tap Specialist -


LinkedIn Marketing Strategies and B2B engagement
This project focused on creating a LinkedIn marketing process to follow that can engage high-value targets rather than trying to secure a single sale from a customer. High-value prospects are those that have the potential for one-to-many sales, generating referrals, strategic introductions, and/or bulk orders.

The step-by-step marketing process was designed to remove luck and reactivity from the social media environment (posting frequently and hoping the right people see the content that people have worked hard to create), replacing this approach with a targeted, proactive communication channel that can be managed with less than ten minutes of leader time each week.

The first stages of the project focused on market segmentation and a full review of the added value that The Tap Specialist could offer businesses in need of the best prices and quality in the construction sector. These tangible competitive advantages were then introduced into marketing communication. Then, and only then, were changes made to the LinkedIn environment to ensure these messages engaged the target audience.

During this project, the marketing brief was expanded. User experience, Shopify set-up, and email marketing automation were appraised, and recommendations were made for improvement.

Hannah has created a highly professional business that offers real tangible advantages to customers, in both monetary savings and service levels. Her entrepreneurial skills have been the drive behind the growth of her business. As such, the goal for the project was simple - to put in place a marketing process that ensured high-value prospects would see and understand those advantages.

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