Lower Campscott Holiday Farm

Business Think’s input has allowed us to migrate our old Wix website to a more SEO friendly WordPress site. The process was quick and easy, and under Elliot’s direction we were given the opportunity to provide as much input into the new site as we wished. This meant a cost saving to us and the ability to content manage our new site more effectively.

Our Google ranking has improved to the point that organic search is a significant source of new bookings. A suggestion that we order our cottages on our site from largest to smallest has contributed to a notable increase in business for our largest units.

Elliot provided, and continues to provide, objective and informed advice which has already contributed to a significant and sustained increase in business.

Kathy Mortimer at Lower Campscott Farm www.lowercampscott.co.uk

Our work with Lower Campscott Farm

I first met Lower Campscott to complete a website audit as part of a funded scheme. This single session highlighted opportunities to improve website performance, but also focused on sales content. The suggestion to reorder the cottage display was made during those first 90 minutes together.

Sometime afterwards, Kathy made contact again to see if there were opportunities to further increase Google ranking. During the resulting SEO project, it was made clear that their existing website would always be relatively compromised in terms of ranking, as it was built on the Wix platform. That software can create good websites, but the technology does not allow some of the custom edits required to achieve highest ranking. The only way to gain that flexibility was to migrate onto a different platform. The business took the bold decision to migrate their website from Wix onto WordPress.

This project was challenging, as Wix uses a form of custom code to enable their DIY web builder. As a result, each individual page had to be reconstructed manually in WordPress. In addition, it was important to ensure all the recent gains in search engine ranking were maintained and protected.

As predicted, the move from away from Wix to WordPress improved Google ranking, which was further strengthened by a decision to host the site on the Business Think server, increasing download speed.

It is a pleasure to work with the Lower Campscott team and I always feel welcome. Kathy is always open to new ideas and enthusiastic and ‘Farmer Tony’ never fails to raise a laugh, often due to his blatant disinterest in all things technical! Lower Campscott Farm is a stunning location and I can completely understand why their guests post five-star reviews.

Thank you Lower Campscott for asking Business Think to complete these projects.

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