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It was so beneficial having someone to rely on that knows what he’s talking about, with an in-depth understanding of the Google advertising platform and a constant stream of new ideas. Business Think Digital helped us maximise the benefits of using the Google Ads platform within our budget and 100% of our bookings are direct, avoiding expensive commission fees from agents and holiday websites.

Working with Business Think saved me a lot of time, it saved me from my shallow understanding of Google advertising, which would have resulted in higher cost for much less benefit. As part of the project, Elliot insisted on strengthening the user experience and creating a better website, which ultimately generated more bookings.

I would definitely recommend Business Think if you are looking to add a really good digital marketing expert to your team.

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Creating a Low Cost High Volume Google Ads Campaign
This project was launched at start-up stage for Ski First Tracks. A review of the user experience was completed to establish how well the content would convert visitors from Google Ad clicks, and improvements were made.

The campaign consisted of a suite of different campaigns running concurrently. A low-cost pay per click campaign was created using a particular combination of different settings on Google Ads to reduce cost. A remarketing campaign was created to capture audience data automatically and enabled re-bookings in the future. A YouTube advert was activated which achieved a cost per view of less than three pence per view. Finally an innovative campaign was put in place targeting dry ski slope locations across the UK, ensuring that people using the facility would be exposed to the advertisements.
Since launch, these campaigns have been performance managed each month, and the necessary skills transferred to the customer. This project continues to generate hundreds of direct bookings each year, without incurring commission at agent sites.
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