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The support, validation and confidence I have gained towards my craft and business has grown so much since working with Business Think. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a moment.

I have always floundered in the space between my craftsmanship and marketing (sales!). A space often filled with self sabotaging low self esteem and a lack of confidence leading to sometimes crippling procrastination. I cannot tell you how Elliot’s professionalism has put me on track, breathing life into all my work and providing me with a practical and accessible strategy.

Together with a new website, I no longer feel like ‘the one left behind’. This has had such a positive impact on my life, far beyond financial. I would thoroughly recommend Business Think to anyone in business, at whatever stage.

Tamsin at Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks - tamsinsarahleatherworks.co.uk


Our work with Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks

I first met Tamsin through the excellent Cultivator scheme. Tamsin did not have a website at that stage and used Etsy and word of mouth to promote her handmade and handstitched leather accessories.

Initially we focused on skills development, demonstrating how to use an online channel to get the word out to more people in her target markets. This conversation evolved into a mentoring relationship, which focused on creating a strategy for the business that Tamsin could own and drive forward.

A number of these mentoring sessions focused on entrepreneurship and confidence. I shared the following experience (gained working with thousands of business leaders) - everyone has doubts from time to time. It doesn't matter how successful and easy people make it look, we all experience those emotions, they are a natural part of being self-employed and owning a business. Once you realise those downs are part of the process and you aren't alone, they don't feel like failure anymore, they feel like a step on the journey back up.

We were then able to focus on developing a marketing strategy to promote Tamsin's work, an integral part of which would be a new website presence using Shopify to sell online. The new website was launched in 2022.

Tamsin is enterprising and authentic, and has led an extremely interesting life. It has been a pleasure to work with her on this project, which has taken her ideas and created a new online presence. Please do visit her website and check out her leatherwork designs.


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