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Working with Elliot has been completely effortless on my part. He totally ‘got me’ right from the start – what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted the website to look. Over the time we have worked together, we have made small tweaks and major ones – to move with the times and have added new elements when I have diversified. Simple changes have been made following an overnight email, more complex ones by a phone chat, visit or recently by Zoom meeting, which was fun. I’m not very technically eloquent and so don’t always know how to ask for what I want. Elliot is fantastic as he lets me waffle, gives a quick smile and then works his magic – doing as little or as much as I’d like, often with a choice so I can see the end product. Our conversations and work have covered all aspects of website design, social media marketing, business ideas and diversification possibilities. Elliot is a great listener, an effective sounding board and will always make valuable suggestions. Unlike anything technical, for me, this is a professional relationship that barely needs any maintenance – definitely a keeper!!

Tanya Luke at Porsham Cakes - porsham.co.uk


Our work with Porsham Cakes

I first met Tanya of Porsham Cakes in 2017 when she attended one of our three hours digital marketing rural business workshops. I have worked with her business ever since and still speak to her every month.

Porsham Cakes is part of the Porsham Farm near to Plymouth, where Tanya lives with her family. At the time Tanya had a basic website promoting her cake making to the local area that had no search engine ranking on Google.

We built a new website using WordPress, agreed a local keyword search strategy and improved both the content and SEO set up on the site. Tanya’s website continues to rank first page of Google for the search keywords “Devon cake maker”.

Over time we extended the digital marketing remit, to encompass local search tools online, email marketing and of course, social media strategies.
This year we upgraded the cakes website, launched in February 2020 at www.porsham.co.uk.

The drive behind the upgrade was to add a simple e-commerce solution, so that Tanya could mail her ‘World’s best Brownies’ (my teenage daughter’s review), rather than always need manual delivery or collection. The timing of this change was fortunate, as during lockdown the demand for that service, unsurprisingly, was instant.

I have had many coffees (and cakes!) in the farmhouse at Porsham, with Tanya and her husband Will. Those discussions are usually a mix of new marketing ideas and how to do everything in business using a I-Pad – which Tanya has proven is possible!

It’s not just cakes, we’ve done other projects together, as Tanya is always full of new ideas and an active member of the Plymouth business community, particularly championing women in business.

This Summer we are creating a new website, using Shopify, to enable bookings of new holiday properties on the farm – expected launch September 2020.

Thank you Tanya and Will for asking Business Think to help your business (and eat cake).

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