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Very attentive to all the crucial elements of website migration, particularly the SEO aspect. Business Think ensured that our website ranking wasn’t affected by this at all. I also found having regular calls was really beneficial. Elliot wanted to make sure that I was consulted on every part of the website build.

I highly valued Elliot being honest with me about the importance of switching to Shopify away from WordPress. We have used a WordPress site for many years, and recently have found it to be expensive and no longer functioning like it should. Elliot created an easy-to-use website and was able to advise on the navigational aspect of a customer journey. Something many web builders fail on.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elliot and plan to continue working with him in a different marketing capacity. He is very knowledgeable and best of all he is a real top guy to work with. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Shopify website, or marketing support.

Rachel Down at Boil and Broth -


Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify plus Marketing Support
Boil and Broth's previous website was built using WordPress and WooCommerce. Rachel felt the platform was hindering the progress of the business due to the e-commerce user experience and restrictions of the software. With a new product launch and rebrand planned for March 2024, the deadlines for completion of a new online presence were tight, with completion required six weeks from the start date, in time for Crufts.

Shopify was selected as the preferred e-commerce solution, offering a more user-friendly solution with a proven online shopping experience for customers. A new logo was supplied, and the website was built around this new visual identity (and branding) and the packaging to be introduced in the new range of products.

The migration involved the transfer of orders, customer details, products, pages, and blog content, including a reward points scheme that had been running a number of years previous. During the build, a careful process was followed to ensure existing search engine ranking was not put at risk.

Rachel was keen to review the effectiveness of the user experience itself, and advice and guidance were provided on the strength of messages and content, the aim being to create the simplest most effective transaction for the customer.

The new website was tested to ensure zero errors prior to launch, both technically and from a marketing perspective. The new online shop was connected to Facebook and Instagram accounts for Boil and Broth, removing past issues managing social media commerce with the click of a button.

The website went live three days before Crufts opened for visitors. To launch the new product branding and website, a Google advertising campaign was included to target visitors to the event in Birmingham, reaching 28,719 people during the Cruft's week. The total campaign budget was less than £25 (twenty-five).

Rachel has developed a product that is loved by her customers (and their dogs), and recommendation is a key part of her business. It was a pleasure to work with her and to experience her vision for the future.
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