Figgy's Christmas Puddings

"Input from Business Think helps us to coalesce ideas that have been circling for months into a coherent plan of action that we can all get behind and feel enthusiastic about. This immediately translates into an uplift in sales and a positive response from customers.

When Elliot comes to visit us, he slots in like another member of the senior management team. We throw ideas around, brainstorm and hammer out tricky issues. Elliot always brings a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective, helping us to see the wood for the trees and making us wonder why we didn’t think of his ideas ourselves! I always know I will come away from our meetings feeling more positive and with a list of great ideas to implement. I would recommend Elliot to any businessperson, whether they feel like they have business problems to solve or not. Everyone I have recommended him to has found his perspective to be fresh and helpful, giving them clarity and helping them to decide the next move."

Jo at Figgy’s Christmas Puddings

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Our work with Figgy's Christmas Puddings

I first met Jo to discuss digital marketing, with a focus solely on improving website performance, exploring usability, the use of sales content and target markets.

That first project used Google Analytics to examine how customers found the business online and their user flow throughout the Figgy’s website. The analysis identified critical paths and actual visitor experience – the sequence of pages most travelled. Once the most common behaviour is understood, opportunities exist to increase sales, strengthening content and adding calls to action.

In recent meetings with Jo and Richie, we discussed overall business strategy and marketing approach. Pricing and costing scenarios were created to confirm the right product mix for the business.

Figgy’s is probably the most seasonal business that I have ever worked with. Jo spends the majority of the year preparing the business for a large surge of demand during the short build-up to Christmas. Our sessions have focused on how best to use the out of season months, creating strategies and tactics to stimulate demand ahead of time, ensuring brand awareness is heightened before the start of Christmas.

The result is the adoption of a year-round approach to engaging customers with messages of interest. That goal not always easy in the height of Summer when you are a Christmas pudding maker! Existing relationships have been nurtured with the loyal Figgy’s customer base and a continuous source of new prospects has been enabled with remarketing tactics.

I enjoy working with Jo, as she is so passionate about her product and the Figgy’s brand. I’ve worked with many different sectors over the years, but only one Christmas pudding maker.

Plus, I get the bonus of always feeling ‘Christmassy’ after our meetings, even if it’s a hot day in July!

Thank you Figgy’s for asking Business Think to complete these projects.

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