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Working with Business Think has been the catalyst I needed to move my business to the next level in terms of growth. Elliot is a master at his craft and has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was able to advise me at every step of the process to help me grow my business. He was always friendly, patient, professional, and a joy to work with.

Initially, I was unsure about how to move forward with developing my website and my online business profile. With the guidance of Business Think, I was able to develop a clear marketing plan which enabled me to grow my social media, transform my website, and develop new communication streams to both B2C and B2B, quickly and effectively. With Elliot’s help, I was able to implement the plan so much quicker than I would have ever been able to do on my own. I am now able to keep customers updated regularly on new services and products, have more enquiries through my website, and have grown my social media following as a result. This has been a huge step forward in my digital business growth.

I always felt able to ask questions however small or insignificant they felt, and with Elliot's technical knowledge and experience his answers were easy to understand and he broke down the complicated technical jargon.

Working with Business Think was incredibly helpful and rewarding. I would highly recommend Elliot and I am incredibly pleased with my updated website and online business presence. I have received incredibly positive feedback and increased sales as a result, which is just brilliant.

Claire Rowswell at Mollins Antis Interiors -


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Delivering a new Shopify e-commerce website and a joined-up marketing process

The original website for Mollins Antis Interiors had been built with WordPress and was visually pleasing. However, Claire had become frustrated by the lack of control that she had over that content and the need to create e-commerce products. A Shopify solution was recommended.

The first challenge was to create a visual presentation and user experience that would exceed her old site, focusing on increasing sales conversions. Shopify themes are often very 'shop type' in layout, but it was critical in the interior design sector that the content presentation achieved high-end brochure quality. We spent time exploring a number of options before selecting the design. Once built this website was completely under the control of Mollins Antis Interiors, meaning quick and easy updates of sales content and the removal of hidden fees for changes that are often experienced with WordPress.

During the build process, we worked together on creating a simple marketing process to follow, targeting a high-value group of customers. The components of this marketing plan included search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing tactics on MailChimp, and the implementation of a Google Ads campaign targeting select postcodes where the most likely buyers were located. A remarketing ad campaign was created, recognising that the buying cycle in interior design can take many months before a customer makes a decision, and the ability to re-communicate with visitors to the website repeatedly would be needed to achieve the best results in the B2C space.

To target business-to-business referrals, a LinkedIn marketing campaign was set up and Claire was given the skills to follow this step-by-step process to overcome the barriers in place when trying to engage hard-to-access high-value prospects in business.

The marketing process put in place is called 'joined-up' because every action feeds into all of the marketing channels. This strengthens the overall marketing process and drives all of the interest to the new Shopify website and user experience, for conversion into happy customers.


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